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Avoid Unhealthy Habits for a Healthy Life

Undoubtedly healthy living and weight loss are the two most trending topics these days that overwhelm the internet world. No matter which website you visit, you will find ads and banners flashing all around the content. We often regard them as spam or consider overhyped. But as a matter of fact, a little awareness can go a long way. You don’t really need to hit a gym or enroll for some health related program. All you need to do is change certain wrong habits and incorporate some healthy ones, and you will be sorted. It is easier said than done but all long journeys start with a small step. You too start with these and see things changing.

Quit Smoking– There couldn’t be a better way to start your ‘Operation Healthy Living’ with giving up your habit of smoking. No matter what do you smoke- weeds or filtered cigarettes, you must be clear that each puff you take is injurious for you as well as people around you. Take the statutory warning written on the packet seriously.

Say a no to sedentary lifestyle– It is understood that work pressure is taking a toll on you but don’t surmount the problem with a sedentary problem. Lazing around during the free time may lift up your spirit but not for your health. Instead, use this time for some free hand exercises, swimming, jogging or running. You don’t really need a gymnasium for staying fit. Even walking and some easy exercises done at home can work too. But whatever you do should be done regularly.

Natural cures can be healthy options- Instead of rushing to doctors every time for fever or common cold, go for natural remedies. Detox is also a natural way of cleansing of the toxins and waste materials accumulated in your body. Naturopathy consists of yoga, massage, chiropractic ways, spa, fasting, therapeutic baths, proper diet etc. Best part of these options is that they do not have any side effects like allopathic or other medicinal ways of cure.

Strict no to junk food- This is one habit you must develop in yourself as well as your kids. A proper nutritious diet is nowhere in comparison with these convenient foods that are high on calories, carbohydrates starch and sodium. Aerated drinks, oily food, ready-to-eat food packets etc. may tingle your taste buds but do irreparable damage to your body in the long run. Switch to a balanced diet which contains right amount of vitamins, proteins, calcium, fiber, sodium, potassium, carbs, calories etc. because our body needs everything.

Maintain a disciplined schedule- It is very important to follow a definite regime in your everyday life in whatever you do. Have your meals on time at a right interval, go to sleep early so that you can wake up early after having at least 6 hours of sound sleep, wear comfortable clothing and most importantly, have a healthier mindset. Avoid stress, laugh more often and take things slowly one at a time.

Freda Raffeal