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Artificial Tears Opthalmic Solution

Cats and dogs have what is called a nictitating membrane or third eyelid. This third eyelid acts with the tear duct allowing easy movement of the orbit and protects the eye from debris. When the eye becomes dry or irritated it does not function proper therefore it does not offer proper protection. Artificial Tears Ophthalmic Solution can be given as need to help alleviate eye irritation and dry eye in your cat or dog. Artificial Tears Ophthalmic Solution is designed to replace you dog or cat’s natural tears.Just like humans pets are susceptible to eye irritation and dry eyes. Artificial Tears Ophthalmic Solution is used to cure these problems in dogs and cats. This eye lubricant can be used in both dogs and cats. Results will begin to show in 6 to 8 weeks.

Things that can irritate the eye include inverted eyelids (entropion), dirt, pollen, chemicals, wind, tear duct blockage (puncta) and infection. Symptoms of eye irritation include sensitivity to light and wind, redness, rubbing face or eyes, eye scratching and pain.

• Do not use this product if it becomes cloudy
• Polyvinyl alcohol 1.4%
• Edetate disodium
• Dibasic sodium phosphate
• Purified water
• Monobasic sodium phosphate
• Benzalkonium chloride 0.01%
• Sodium chloride

Synthetic splits are eyedrops utilized to lubricate dry eyes and assist maintain moisture on the external area of your eyes. Buy Artificial Tears could be utilized to treat completely dry eyes that cause by aging, particular drugs, a clinical condition, eye surgery or ecological aspects, such as great smoky or windy health conditions.

 Usage these Equate Lube Eye Drops for temporary relief of burning and irritability as a result of dryness of the eye. These sterilized artificial tears eye drops come in a 1 fl oz container and supplies calming alleviation by refreshing completely dry eyes and protecting against additional irritability. Take these Equate Eye Falls with you on the go for relief when you require it.

Dry eye syndrome (likewise called keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or just dry eyes) takes place when there is a problem with the tear movie that usually keeps the eye moist and lubed. It could take place as a result of numerous health conditions.
Synthetic Tears Ophthalmic Solution could be offered as have to assist relieve eye irritability and dry eye in your pet cat or canine. Artificial Tears Ophthalmic Option is made to replace you dog or pet cat’s organic rips. Much like people pet dogs are prone to eye inflammation and completely dry eyes.

Synthetic splits are a pillar in the administration of dry-eye symptoms, and there many non-prescription synthetic tear items on the market today.
This third eyelid show the tear duct permitting easy activity of the orbit and protects the eye from debris.