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6 Helpful Tips for Getting Your Hair Done for Prom

1.  Book your appointment in advance.

As soon as you find out the date of your prom, book your hair appointment. Proms all tend to fall around the same time, and time slots at your hair salon will fill up FAST.

2.   Consider your outfit when choosing a hairstyle.

Does your dress have special detailing on the back that you want to keep visible? Consider an updo or style that sweeps your hair up and out of the way. Are you going with minimal accessories? Consider a down-do with lots of volume.

3.   Bring pictures of what you want!

Cannot stress this enough. Visual aids go a long way when talking to your stylist. Pictures leave less room for miscommunication and help stylists give you exactly what you want.

4.   Let your stylist know what your natural hair is like.

Does your hair tend to go flat? Does it curl up at the slightest humidity? Let your stylist know. That way, he or she can take whatever extra measures necessary to make sure your hair stays the way you want it throughout the night. (Personal story time: I opted for long, soft waves for my prom. My stylist didn’t know that I had naturally curly hair. She gave me really tight waves thinking they would fall out a little as the night went on. They didn’t…quite the contrary, in fact…)

 5.   Come in with straight, dry, (slightly dirty) hair.

Whatever hairstyle you plan to have done, have your hair already straightened or at least blown out before you come in for your hair appointment. Also, it helps to wash your hair the day/night before as opposed to the day of. “Second-day dirty” hair holds better and is easier to style. If your hair gets dirty very quickly, wash it that morning.

 6.   Ignore trends.

Choose a hairstyle that is flattering and comfortable for YOU. Don’t do your hair a certain way because you think it’s what you’re “supposed” to wear. If you aren’t comfortable with updos, don’t get an updo. If you don’t like your hair straight, don’t wear it straight. Your night will be a hundred times more enjoyable if you love your look. Meanwhile, hairstyle trends are just that—trends. Years from now, when you look at your prom pictures, do you want to be horrified by your hair and think, “WHY did I wear my hair like that? I get that was the style at the time…” go with your gut and what makes you feel pretty because that’s what you want to remember about your prom.

Tara Baldwin