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3 Unskippable Makeup Fads for Fashion Maniacs!

Geometric or pastel eyes, sheeny orange or lustrous wine lips, peach-bronze or seashell pink cheeks? What are today’s most inspiring makeup trends? Most women are usually found to be in constant, deep exploration of influential cosmetic and beauty fads that are in the offing. Just as fashion designing, though makeup styles change every season, the curiosity to follow the “up-to-the-minute” trend remains the same. In fact, it stays relentless or persistent to pose as the next trendsetter in the vicinity.

I. Graphic Eye LiningA Call to Artistry

Hitting first up on the list of the latest top makeup trends, the unusual rather trendy way of applying eyeliner – graphic eye lining – is for the brave hearted women who are all pumped up to take up the challenge of bearing a bit higher sophisticated level of eye makeup. Apart from deciding the shape, smudging and maintaining the equilibrium on both sides of the eyes are two strong challenges that a woman has to face while wearing graphic eyeliner.

Graphic eye lining has no limits! Some women prefer a modest double flick while the more trendy ones go for different angular shapes.

II. Loud Orange Lips Adding Brightness and Boldness

Giving an extra space to manage your overall makeup plan with its bright, face tuning attribute, a shiny or loud orange lipstick will help you to outdo the trouble of matching with the complicated eye shadow looks – the bright orange shade will achieve the result for you.

To get those juicy orangish lip, begin with the ‘V’ of your upper lip, gradually moving outwards tracing around the natural form of your lips with a sharp, glide-on lip pencil. Lastly, use a lip brush with fine edges to apply a glossy or matte lip color (keep off the shimmer and frost ones).

III. Pink Wash Fuchsia Cheeks – Going Lively Pinky Rosy

For a luxurious, flirty look, washing down your beautiful cheeks with fuchsia pink alongside glossy fuchsia lips is always a good choice. Revlon’s global artistic director, Gucci Westman, strongly suggests that every female should go for those groovy fuchsia colored cheeks to attract many eyes. She even goes ahead and gives a curious tip, stating that blending a drop of moisturizer in a cream pink blush with a touch of gold blush should do the job.

Remember the mantra – “darker the skin tone, deeper the pink blush and lighter the skin tone, brighter the pink blush.” For normal to dry cheeks, a cream blush is mostly apt while oily cheeks should accept a gel or powdered blush. A soft and furry brush is a primary choice of most makeup artists for easy spreading and blending of any blush.

Feel like a celeb pouting at the camera on the red carpet by adorning yourself with these most flattering, dazzling, and wearable makeup trends. You don’t want to miss using these styles before they fade away.