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10 romantic things to do in Spain

Spain almost always makes it to the list of best places for lovers. So if you are pining to go for an international destination for your honeymoon, Spain should be an unforgettable choice.

Without digressing, let us take a peep into the 10 romantic things to do in Spain:

  1. Checking wineries at La Rioja: Chances are high that you have never heard of this place called La Rioja. It is a small hilly town with scores of wineries and a very pleasurable landscape. Checking them out can be as romantic as watching a rerun of Titanic on Star Movies.
  2. Visiting Alhambra Castle: The 14th century Alhambra Castle at Granada is the kind of landmark which exists in either fairy tales or in Harry Potter books. Not a bad place to visit with your loved one!
  3. Standing before the fountains at Barcelona: Though Barcelona has plenty of things to offer, nothing can better the romance of standing hand-in-hand before one of its many fountains. The fountain at Museu Nacional d’Arte de Catalunya is a must-visit.
  4. Walking around history at Toledo: The town of Toledo is stuffed with decrepit landmarks and decadent medieval-age architecture. A walk through this town will be a walk through the pages of history.
  5. Shop and eat at Salamanca: Western Spain’s Salamanca city has an apt atmosphere for honeymooners. The region called Plaza Mayor is a paradise for eaters and shoppers.
  6. Fishing at Majorca: Majorca has some lovely pristine beaches and a few fishing villages. Quite a few Spain tour packages include this destination. Fishing at this site on an evening can be very romantic.
  7. Wildlife-hunting at Cazorla National Park: Not many would have thought that Spain has a good wildlife. But you will be forced to bite back your words once you take a detour of this place. Cazorla National Park may not sound romantic, but sometimes the best form of romance lies in surrendering yourself to nature.
  8. Unravel the secrets at Caceres: The city of Caceres has a very archaic and mysterious persona. Honeymooners looking to walk on secret trails may find this place enigmatic and appealing.
  9. Bath at springs in Galicia: Not a very renowned destination, Galicia has some hot water springs where bathing can be romantic and nutritious for the skin.
  10. Eat chocolates at Madrid: Madrid features highly on most Spain tour packages. And about the chocolates, do we need to tell you how deliciously romantic they are?

Manya Singh